Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Quick Update

Hard to blog while over here - in our down time we are trying to see some sights and have some fun plus the husband has been hogging the computer for his blogging.  Here's a quick rundown:

Egg retrieval was on the 4th - retrieved 11 oocytes.
Next day fertilization report - 9 were mature and 7 fertilized via PICSI/ICSI.
Yesterday's day 2 embryo report - 5 at 4 cells, 1 at 3 cells and 1 stopped developing.
Waiting for today's report.

As far as travel it's been ok - I feel a little under the weather here and there but making it through.  After our ultrasound on Friday we were scheduled to stay in Brno through Monday.  But our hotel room's beds sucked.  We were at the Voronez I.  Good price, good breakfast but the bed was hard as rock and the shower had the removable showerhead mounted at about knee height.  Checked out a day early and headed to Bratislava for a night.

Loved Bratislava!  Stayed at Marrol's, a small boutique hotel.  Walked around and saw the castle, churches, and wandered into a local artisan fair where colorfully dressed Slovaks were selling pottery and hand painted eggs.  And the food!  I fell in love with what I'm calling Slovakian mac and cheese.  Dumplings with sheep's cheese and bacon!  Yum!!!

The next day (the 2nd) we drove to Poland where we stayed at a pyramid shaped hotel (yes, a pyramid shaped hotel, called Piramida, in the middle of Poland - so weird).  This hotel was apparently based on this "healing power of the pyramid", which I don't buy into but it was still interesting.  The room was a suite with a huge outer room and a tiny bedroom with a tiny bed.  The shower was amazing though - lights, music, jets all over.  The reason for that side trip was to visit Auschwitz, which we did the next day.  At first the husband thought going to Auschwitz would be morbid/depressing/inappropriate for a medical trip.  But both our grandfathers were in the war and I thought we might never have this chance again.  It was a way to pay our respects to the dead and at the same time remember that history forgotten repeats itself.  It made us talk about the heroes of that time who risked their lives to save others and stand up for what was right and reaffirmed our commitment to raise our children to stand up for the truth and for human life.  I won't say it was "fun" but it was a good visit.

After Auschwitz we headed back to Brno for the egg retrieval.  Egg retrieval on Wednesday and I took it easy the rest of the day in the hotel.  This time we stayed in the Holiday Inn and it was pretty fantastic.  Best beds so far - got great rest.  Shower was normal.  Only complaint was the internet sucked and breakfast wasn't included.  A bit pricey but husband was having serious insomnia so getting him a couple nights' sleep was key.

The next day we headed up to Berlin.  We originally booked at the Holiday Inn near the airport, thinking we would continue the fantastic bed theme.  And the beds were nice after we checked in.  The problem:  our room stank like raw sewage and the a/c and tv didn't work.  We asked them to change our room but they wouldn't.  So we checked right back out and struck out to find a new hotel.  We were able to find one just a bit out of town - very nice, although the a/c still doesn't work (what is up with no a/c in Europe?).  Here we've been seeing the sights and planning to head back to Brno yet again on Sunday for our embryo transfer.

That's the quick update!

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