Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am officially PUPO - pregnant until proven otherwise.  Embryo transfer was yesterday and now in the dreaded 2 week wait.

To catch up, on day 4 we had 4 morulas and 2 8 cell embryos.  We were very happy all 6 had made it to day 4.  However, the transition from morula to blastocyst is a big one and we knew they might not all make it.

Yesterday we went to the clinic a little after 8 for my acupuncture before transfer.  Then we were taken to a room and the embryologist came in to talk to us about our embryos.  There was good news and bad news but from my perspective the good news outweighed the bad.

Two of our embryos stopped developing and never made it to blast :(.  A third made it to blast but had no inner cell mass.  At the blast stage, the embryo divides into two distinct groups of cells.  The outer mass becomes the placenta and sac and the inner becomes the baby.  With no inner cells, the embryo could never have developed into a baby - just an empty sac.

Which left us with the three other embryos and there's where the good - well really great - news comes in.  Two of them were grade AA hatching blasts - the very best we could have to transfer!  And the third is a grade AA expanded blast - that one is now frozen for a later visit, hopefully for a sibling!

Transferred the two hatching AA blasts, transfer went smoothly - lining at 11mm - had acupuncture again and headed back to the hotel to rest.  The acupuncturist left these tiny needles in my ear and told me to leave them for like 3 weeks - not sure they're going to make it that long since they kind of bug me.

Spent the rest of yesterday resting at the hotel.  Only got up to go to the bathroom and for one quick trip down to the hotel computers to watch the dvd of our embryos growing (amazing!).  Today also taking it easy and praying!  Last night woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain - like every part of my digestive system was inflamed.  Not sure what caused it but guessing drinking water lying down all day, eating potato chips and pineapple juice, and all the hormones on board conspired to make me a very unhappy camper for a bit.  Feeling better now.  Resting for the rest of the day and then tomorrow we're heading out for a little more sightseeing!

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