Sunday, May 12, 2013


It doesn't have the cache of Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve but for me it comes more than once a year.  Yeah, I'm tired and not so clever tonight (if I ever am).

Ultrasound today was good - two big follicles - one on each side.  And by big I mean big.  Way bigger than last month.  Which makes me worry I will/have ovulate(d) too soon and the timing will be off.  But then, I always find something to worry about with these things.

Lining was good and thick and two follicles.  I'm just going to focus on that.

Trigger shot makes me tired and cranky. And I spent 4 hours making beef and barley soup with dumplings for the husband for dinner and his reaction was kind of meh.  He was like "why aren't the dumplings fluffy?" and I was like "they're hearty german peasant dumplings dammit and they remind me of growing up!"  Beef and barley soup with dumplings was not a hit.  But now if I do get pregnant I'm totally going to call the baby my little dumpling for the first trimester.   Just cuz.

Going to bed now - will be up bright and early to head up to the RE's and do this thang..


Saturday, May 11, 2013

IUI # 2

Yes, I know I said I would be better.  And then I wasn't.

So here's the update.  I am in the middle of my second IUI cycle.  Did the same protocol as last time.  This time I didn't really have the back soreness from last time but instead my mouth hurt.  Weird.

Husband gave me the menopur shot at home - I was nervous about doing it ourselves but he was a total pro.

Tomorrow is mother's day. And also my ultrasound and trigger shot if my follicles are ready to rock and roll.  Hoping/praying for 3 or 4 good juicy follicles.

I try not to dwell on mother's day, or the many birth/pregnancy announcements on facebook, or any of it.  But it does make me sad.  I should be a mom.  This should be my day (and I hope it will be next year).  It's so unfair how everyone else seems to get pregnant (even crappy people) without any problem.  I know it's not really true and millions of women suffer with the same IF hell I do.  I just wonder when it's my turn.

Anyways - positive thinking.  Tomorrow is the ultrasound and everything will be great - thick lining and good follicles.

Then IUI on Monday/Tuesday and pray it will work (again) and this time it will stick and grow.