Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Update

Well we kind of fell away from blogging for a bit but I'd like to return.  At last post, Kaiden had arrived.  He's now 2 years old.  A crazy, active, funny, smart, sometimes whiny 2 year old.  And there's more.

After Kaiden turned 1, we started talking about our 1 little frozen embryo back in the Czech Republic.  It was our little expanded AA quality blast - the only one we had left to freeze.

With things heating up in Central/Eastern Europe with the immigration crisis, my husband felt we should start planning our return.

I was not optimistic about our chances.  After all, we had only 1 embryo, it was a FET (which has a lower success rate) and a recent study showed if you have a successful fresh transfer a subsequent FET is less likely to succeed.  My husband on the other hand was quite optimistic.

As before, we planned it as a combo vacation/fertility treatment.  This time the drug regimen was much easier on me - only 4 shots total!  And the new doctor at Reprogenesis did progesterone suppositories instead of Progesterone in oil - a welcome change.

We started our trip with one day in Bratislava - just because I loved it so much the first time.  We took this crazy picture in the catacombs of a church there but didn't notice the cross until after we returned.  Still haven't really figured out how that happened.

Spent a few days in Budapest - loved it!  Food was delicious and the city was so fun to explore.  Then it was back to Brno for our FET.

I was so nervous.  I worried we'd travel all that way and our embryo wouldn't survive thaw (it did).  Or my lining would be too thin (it wasn't).  According to the Dr., the lining was optimal.  When they released our little embryo, they took an ultrasound picture of the air bubble entering the uterus so we could "see" our little one entering my womb.

I did 2 days of bedrest, just like before.  Then we traveled to Prague for a few days since last time I had such bad OHSS we didn't get to sightsee (unless you count a hospital bed as a sight).  Prague was uneventful and we returned home safely.

I was supposed to wait until the next Monday to test but I couldn't.  I peed on a stick on a Wednesday.  I looked at it well before the time had passed and saw a faint line.  I woke up my husband (at 5 am) to show him.  By the time he got up and to the bathroom, it was a strong line. I was in disbelief.

This pregnancy I had more morning sickness and was exhausted but other than that it seemed easier.  I didn't stress about every little thing.  I had trouble keeping up with my giant toddler of course but not that much trouble.

And then, on April 20, Kellan was born.  2 weeks early, 8lbs, 4 oz.  I can't believe it worked a second time and now we have our 2 boys.  Infertility was hard for us but I can't complain - I know so many women go through so much more without the results we got.

I'll try to keep posting about motherhood after infertility.  I hope the blog gives good information, maybe a little hope to those out there still going through that pain.  I can't thank the people at Reprogenesis enough - our results - our babies - are just amazing.

Thanks for reading!